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Preparation processes

  • Conservas Lolín stands out due to the fact that it prepares top quality products, with a safety guarantee. In fact, at Lolin, in addition to the careful selection of raw material, the manufacturing process of our products combines hand preparation with some latest generation installations, covering over 15,000 m2

  • We bid at the main fish markets along the Cantabrian coast to obtain the best raw material, which once it reaches our plant, is carefully processed. Currently, the company has a plant that specialises in the preparation of anchovies and tuna fish. In both cases a strict control over the production is carried out in order to obtain the best prepared products.

All our products have the manufacturing batch printed on them to ensure the traceability of the product during its distribution.

Discover the preparation process

  • Tuna preserves

    Once the fish arrives at Conservas Lolin’s plant, an exhaustive quality control of the fish is carried out, where the organoleptic characteristics are valued, as well as the temperature.

    After this first quality control, the selected raw material moves on to the cleaning phase. Each of these pieces have their heads removed and they are gutted and then they are immediately sent onto the cooking phase, one of the crucial phases for obtaining a top quality preserve.

    Subsequently, the skin and the spine are removed and the product reaches the packaging process. The packaging process is carried out by hand, ensuring an exceptional presentation is obtained in the container.

    Following this, the containers move on to the covering liquid dosing line (olive oil, brine, etc.) and automatic sealing. After sealing, the containers are sterilised, at the right temperature and for the correct time for each product.

    Finally, the product is stored after being labelled and placed in boxes.

  • Salted anchovies

    The preparation process for the semi-preserve of anchovies starts with a strict quality control where the organoleptic characteristics are checked. Likewise, the size and arrival temperature at the plant of the fish are recorded to guarantee the correct preparation of the anchovies.

    Following this, the selected pieces are classified, de-headed and gutted using specialised machinery. The anchovies are then introduced into the large tins by hand, adding the necessary salt, depending on the size.

    The anchovy maturing process now begins. During this time (which can last up to twelve months), the anchovy in salt is pressed in order for it to dehydrate little by little and lose its excess oil. The temperature of the large tins is carefully controlled during this process. Likewise, the recipients are periodically sprinkled with brine to eliminate any possible oil exudates.

    Once the maturing process of the fish has finished, the salted anchovies are obtained, ready for their cold storage.

    Anchovies in olive oil

    Another form of semi-preserve are anchovy fillets in olive oil. To prepare this product, mature salted anchovies are used.

    The process starts with an initial washing to reduce the salt and eliminate the skin. Following this, the anchovies are slightly dried and they move onto the laborious process of filleting, cleaning and packaging. The care with which this process is performed is one of Conservas Lolin’s secrets of success.

    When the anchovies have been packaged, they pass on to the oil dosing and automatic sealing line. The oil used by Conservas Lolin is one of the unique distinctions in the flavour of its anchovies; it is a top quality olive oil that does not make the fish taste bitter or overwhelm their flavour.

    This product, once packaged, is stored in temperature-controlled cold rooms to guarantee its safety and quality. .

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